There are very few areas across the UK that currently have no construction activities; this is a great time for the construction industry and its workers but not always supported by the local community impacted by the work taking place.

If we ask the question ‘what are you giving back to the communities that your activities have an affect on? What would your answer be?

Having spoken to many of our clients, we have realised that sometimes just a small amount of community engagement for example a donation to a local charity, can change the perspective of how a local community sees you and can eliminate many potential neighbourhood issues or obstacles that you may encounter throughout the duration of your projects.

We all know we have a responsibility to our local communities but from day one on site, the practicalities of running a project naturally takes precedence over our community engagement goals and this is where Minstrell Training can help out….

In excess of £1bn per year is spent on recruitment fees alone within the construction industry, a phenomenal cost. The Minstrell Training Division has developed a Community Engagement Model designed to:

· Reduce your recruitment spend

· Save you time and manpower

· Invest in local communities

· Create sustainable employment

· Enhance your Corporate Responsibility

· Breaking down barriers

· Investing in futures

· Giving back

· Training & Development

· Inspiring young people

· Changing lives

· Knowing your communities and their worth

With packages from as little as £400, we can Advertise, Screen & Select, Train and Provide you with local labour. Call our team on 03330 230 056